Tina Goldstein Locket

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While the Tina Goldstein Locket may look ordinary, it is only a ruse. Something magical hides within it. Celebrate a new adventure into the wizarding world, or cosplay as the American witch with this functional locket. This necklace derives inspiration from the jewelry worn by Katherine Waterson in the first movie of the Fantastic Beasts series. The oval locket possesses an antique finish and comes with a matching chain. When you open the locket, an Art Deco starburst decorates the inside. What sort of object did the former Auror conceal within this necklace? Harry Potter fans can keep their own treasures next to their hearts with the Tina Goldstein Locket.

Key Features:

  • Licensed Warner Bros product
  • Inspired by the Fantastic Beasts series
  • Fashioned after the necklace worn by Tina Goldstein
  • Lovely jewelry piece for fans of the wizarding world


  • Made of brass alloy


  • Chain Length: 30 Inches


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