Thoughtful Gargoyle Sandtimer


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Stone sentries tend to have a lot of time on their hands, so it makes sense that they make great guardians for the sands of time. This Thoughtful Gargoyle Sandtimer utilizes four of them to create a truly impressive looking piece. This fine sandtimer consists of two ornate pedestals, which act as the top and bottom of the timer, offering two flat surfaces so that it can be rotated with ease. Both are richly adorned with curling line patterns and gothic designs. The supports of the sandtimer are a quartet of thoughtful gargoyles, each one a mirror image of the last. Arranged two by two, they sit on square stone blocks, one on each side so that when the hourglass stands, two are always right-side-up and two are always upside-down. The gargoyles each sit in a pondering position, arms supported on their knees and heads cradled in hands, as if they are all lost in thought about something. Located between the gargoyle supports is a glass timer, filled with colored stand. The struts and base of the hourglass are made from cold cast resin, which is hand-painted in grey, stony hues to give it the appearance of authentic carved rock. Not only is this Thoughtful Gargoyle Sandtimer a great decoration to have sitting around the house, but it is slightly interactive too, as any onlooker can easily reach out and give it a turn to set its sands in motion.

Key Features:

  • Made from Fine Cold Cast Resin
  • Hand-painted to Create the Look of Carved Stone
  • Decorated with Ornate Ends and Four Thoughtful Gargoyle Supports
  • Contains Colored Sand, A Fully Functional Sandtimer
  • Possesses an Extreme Level of Detail
  • A Great Home Decor Piece, Collectible, or Gift Idea


  • Height: 7 Inches
  • Length: 3 Inches
  • Width: 3 Inches


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