Thors Hammer Pewter Ring



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One of the most recognizable symbols of Norse mythology is Thors hammer. Reveal your enjoyment of Viking lore by wearing the Thors Hammer Pewter Ring. This pewter ring has an antique finish and comes in two sizes. The face of the ring features an inset of the legendary Mjolnir with ornate detailing. This inset allows you to press the ring into sealing wax, not included. Intricate knotwork adorns the sides of the ring. This Viking ring includes a drawstring bag for storage. This jewelry piece makes a great signet ring or a collectible for a mythology fan.

Key Features:

  • Inset of Mjolnir on face
  • Can be used as a signet ring
  • Intricate knotwork on the side
  • Includes storage drawstring bag
  • Great personal accessory


  • Made from pewter


Standard US Sizes.


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