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Life as a Viking warrior entails a fair deal of travel, and no shoes will hold up to Viking travel like the Thor Leather Viking Shoes will! Their top-quality construction will ensure that your feet stay clean and well protected. These well-built leather shoes have been stitched to ensure a high level of durability. They fasten around your ankles with leather straps and toggles that can be tied alongside a leather lace that will help adjust how tightly the show fits you. Available in multiple sizes, these leather shoes will bring the perfect touch of medieval fashion to your Ren Fair outfit, cosplay, or reenactment costume!

Key Features:

  • Stitching adds durability to design
  • Slightly adjustable via straps and fittings
  • Offered in multiple sizes
  • Comfortable to wear at Ren Faires, for cosplays, and during reenactments


  • Made from full-grain leather
These are European Sizes. The US size listed is a conversion to the closest US shoe size.Runs true to size. Not available in Wide or Narrow, just Standard.
Shaft HeightHeel HeightAnkle CircumferenceSole LengthSole Width
Euro 37/US Womens 6.56.7 inches.25 inches10 inches10.25 inches3.3 inches
Euro 38/US Womens 7.56.7 inches.25 inches10.5 inches10.7 inches3.7 inches
Euro 39/US Womens 8.5/US Mens 6.56.7 inches.25 inches10.75 inches10.7 inches3.7 inches
Euro 40/US Womens 9.5/US Mens 76.7 inches.25 inches11.25 inches11.5 inches3.7 inches
Euro 41/US Womens 10.5/US Mens 87.1 inches.25 inches11.25 inches11.5 inches3.7 inches
Euro 42/US Womens 11.5/US Mens 97.1 inches.25 inches11.5 inches12.4 inches3.7 inches
Euro 43/US Womens 12/US Mens 107.1 inches.25 inchesNA12.5 inches3.8 inches
Euro 44/US Mens 117.1 inches.25 inchesNA12.6 inches3.9 inches
Euro 45/US Mens 127.5 inches.25 inchesNA12.9 inches3.9 inches
Euro 46/US Mens 137.5 inches.25 inchesNA13.2 inches4.1 inches


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