Thin Medieval Rondel Dagger


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In the late medieval era, daggers such as this Thin Medieval Rondel Dagger were a common enough sight, as many chose to carry them, as both utility daggers and personal weapons. Knights, merchants, nobles, and squires would all have favored this dagger. The rondel dagger was classic dagger with a stiff blade, designed for parrying and thrusting in equal measure. The rondel gets its name from its circular design, which incorporates a circular guard and a matching circular pommel. This dagger also features a narrow, stiff steel blade with a rounded tip and blunted edges, making it perfect for training or practice. The wooden hilt features a convex shape with carved rings at its center, allowing it to fit nicely into the hand. Included with the dagger is a brown sheath, with an attached belt loop for easy wearing and a steel chape at the tip. The classic form of this Thin Medieval Rondel Dagger makes it a perfect side-arm for any of the era, as well as a great collectible and a fine training weapon for any squire or knight-in-the-making to own and wield on their practice field.

Key Features:

  • Based on the Daggers of the Late Medieval Era
  • Features a Straight, Stiff, Thin Steel Blade
  • Knife is Blunted, with a Rounded Tip
  • A Great Training Piece or Practice Weapon
  • A Solid Choice as an Off-Handed Weapon
  • Also a Fine Costume Weapon or Collectible
  • Includes a Leather Sheath with Belt Loop


  • Overall Length: 18 Inches


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