Thin Foam DIY Plate


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Ideal for adding detail to your LARP weapons and shields, the Thin Foam DIY Plate will help you take your live action roleplay gear to the next level. Its closed cell, industrial quality foam is perfect for unique self-customization, allowing you to craft the LARP equipment of your dreams. Resistant to shredding and shock absorbent, this single rectangular plate is ready for your do-it-yourself needs. Its thinner thickness makes it well-suited for detail work or light layering.

Key Features:

  • Includes single, rectangular plate
  • Industrial quality closed cell foam
  • Shred resistant and shock absorbent
  • Great for do-it-yourself LARP projects
  • Used for self-customizing shields, swords, and more
  • Ideal thickness for thin details or layering


  • Length: 39.4 Inches
  • Width: 15.7 Inches
  • Thickness: .1 Inch


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