The Hobbit Greenleaf T-Shirt

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With a name like The Hobbit Greenleaf T-Shirt, this shirt can be expected to feature Legolas Greenleaf. It also happens to be a vibrant and bright shade of green, just like a leaf. The Legolas picture on the shirt has him drawing back his bow, complete with bright gold text that scribes his name in flowing elven lettering. An added touch of elven style adorns the shirt as faded scrollwork along The Hobbit logo, as well. The shirt is made from quality cotton fabric, and, with its standard fit, it is a comfortable choice for any fan to wear. Bright color and one of the most popular elves in all of Middle Earth makes The Hobbit Greenleaf T-Shirt an instant favorite, as well as one shirt that most will not fail to notice.

Key Features:

  • Licensed apparel from the Desolation of Smaug film
  • Depicts Legolas with this bow drawn
  • Made from 100% 6 oz. cotton fabric
  • Shirt has a standard fit style
  • A great personal garment or gift


  • Small: Fits up to a 36 Inch Chest with a 27 Inch Length
  • Medium: Fits up to a 40 Inch Chest with a 29 Inch Length
  • Large: Fits up to a 44 Inch Chest with a 31 Inch Length
  • X-Large: Fits up to a 48 Inch Chest with a 32 Inch Length
  • XX-Large: Fits up to a 52 Inch Chest with a 33 Inch Length
  • XXX-Large: Fits up to a 56 Inch Chest with a 34 Inch Length


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