Texas Ranger Dark Wood Display Plaque


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Less formal than most military organizations, most Texas Rangers in the old West equipped themselves. The Texas Ranger Dark Wood Display Plaque shows off a favored pistol that any Texas Ranger would have gladly carried. The plaque also features other little touches of Texas Ranger lore that further makes this plaque a great show of support for what the Texas Rangers were, and still strive to be, today. The plaque itself is crafted from hardwood that features an attractive, natural look with a dark wood coloration, while also featuring a black and white reproduction photo of the Texas Rangers. Alongside the photograph is a classic Texas Ranger badge, depicted as a silver circle with a star at its center. The main focus of the plaque, though, is the pistol, which features a wood grip that is set with a metallic star. The pistol, which features a classic metal finish, is a non-firing replica that still features a working action, which means the cylinder spins, the hammer cocks, and the trigger squeezes. This means that the replica pistol is as enjoyable to handle and hold as it is to sit back and view from afar. Also included on the plaque is a brass name plate, which gives a few short details about this .45 single action revolver replica. You do not have to be a fanatic of the Texas Rangers to enjoy this plaque, as the Texas Ranger Dark Wood Display Plaque makes a great addition to any western enthusiasts decor, as well as a great little showpiece to include in your own home if you are looking for that one piece of history that your decor is lacking.

Key Features:

  • A High-Quality Replica of a Single Action Revolver
  • Pistol has a Wood Grip and a Classic Metal Finish
  • Pistol Features a Working Single Action
  • Has Brass Finished Bullet Hangers
  • Brass Plate Gives Details about the Pistol
  • Decorated with Replica Photograph of the Texas Rangers
  • Frame Possesses a Stunning Darkened Coloration


  • Length: 15 Inches
  • Height: 7 Inches
  • Weight: 5 lbs.


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