Templar Surcoat


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The Templars are one of the most recognized organizations of the crusades. Their legacy is still around today. Rumors abound as to the history of the Templars, but one thing is certain, they were adorned with the Red Cross on white. Our Cloak and Surcoat fits in with any outfit from the crusades on, and is styled after those that would have been worn by the Knights Templar. A must for any collector or re-enactor interested in the Middle Ages. Made of High Quality wool.

Made by Get Dressed For Battle

Key Features:

  • Great For Medieval Re-enactments and Renaissance Faires
  • Emblazoned with the Templar cross
  • Authentic Looking


  • Made from 75 percent wool, 20 percent nylon, 5 percent polyester

Chest Waist Overall Length Shoulder Width
One Size 51.5 inches 57.5 inches 54 inches 16 inches


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