Templar Knight Horizontal Sword Coat Rack by Marto

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The Templar Knight Horizontal Sword Coat Rack by Marto is made from a beautiful Templar sword, made from Toledo steel, in order to provide you with a genuinely unique and interesting coat rack. Each sword element depicts a Templar image, from the finely crafted hilt of the sword to the five round holders on which ones coats can and likely will be hung. The back of each holder can attach to a wall. The front of each one has grooves for holding the included sword. You can switch this sword out for one of your own. The holders adjust by screwing them up or down so they fit most swords.

In addition, quality was a requirement on this item. 24K gold plating is just one of the highlights of the fantastic sword used to make this coat rack, while silver plating is another hallmark of the beautiful pieces that make up the actual elements that will suspend coats. With all the appeal and appearance of a real Templar sword, and all the practicality of a functional piece of furniture, the Templar Knight Horizontal Sword Coat Rack, by Marto, is far more than just a simple decor sword. It is a conversation piece that holds its own weight and then-some.

Please note that assembly is required. All hardware comes included.

Key Features:

  • A coat rack made from an actual sword
  • Crafted from quality steel
  • Decorated with ornate hangers for functional use


  • Overall Length: 46.5 Inches
  • Overall Height: 9 Inches


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