Tauren World of Warcraft Race Stickers

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No matter what race you play as in WoW, you can show your allegiance proudly by decorating with these Tauren World of Warcraft Race Stickers. Each pack includes two stickers for you to use to show off your love of this game and your favorite race in it. Each of the two stickers in this pack assumes the shape of the Tauren race glyph, featuring a Totemic pole, over which rests a tribal shield and a pair of crossed ceremonial spear-axes. The Tauren in Azeroth may resemble minotaurs but are much more complex, and with these Tauren World of Warcraft Race Stickers, you can show off their sigil practically anywhere you want!

Key Features:

  • A licensed Blizzard and World of Warcraft item
  • Each package contains 2 race stickers
  • Based on the Tauren race glyph from World of Warcraft
  • Race Stickers
  • Great for decorating books, boards, walls, windows, and more
  • A fun gift idea or personal accent to use


  • Each sticker has an average size of 3 Inches


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