Tattoo Gun Necklace


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You do not have to wear ink to have an appreciation of the fine art that goes into some tattoos. Just as an artist can appreciate the brush, you can have appreciation for the tools, just by wearing a Tattoo Gun Necklace. This pendant is a fully 3-dimensional representation of the tattoo gun, with no detail having been left unfinished. It possesses an impressive look and level of detail, so much so that, if it were larger, you would easily mistake it for the real deal. It is rendered in fine English pewter that has been given a two-tone finish, to help give the pendant detail and depth, which only enhances its realism. Wrapped around the pendant is a copper plated scroll that reads, UL13 Ink. The pendant is attached to an antiqued silver chain that not only makes wearing this pendant easy, but also accents its design quite nicely, as well. Not everyone would consider wearing a tattoo gun around their neck, which makes this Tattoo Gun Necklace a unique and attractive choice to wear when you want to show off a unique style, as well as the appreciation that a good tattoo sometimes deserves.

Key Features:

  • Made from Quality English Pewter
  • Depicts a Fully Rendered 3-D Tattoo Gun
  • Comes on a Chain
  • A Fantastic Personal Accent or Gift Idea


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