Targaryen and Lannister Pint Glass Set

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Enemy and ally are not always so clearly defined in Westeros. Either of the two houses in this Targaryen and Lannister Pint Glass Set could considered to be villains, yet some members are easily defined as redeemed or heroic, in their own rights. This set is highly collectible and includes two pint glasses, which depict two different house sigils and house words. One, for the Lannisters, depicts the gold lion, as well as the house words, which are Hear Me Roar. The other glass features the three-headed crimson dragon of the Targaryen House, along with their words in black, which are Fire and Blood. Each of the two glasses in this set holds approximately 16 fluid ounces, and is perfect not only as a collectible to show off your love of the television show and novel series, but also as a drinking glass to sip from while you are enjoying either in your spare time! The glasses come in a container that depicts the House sigils, as well as an open, windowed front to show off the glasses, as well. Adding this Targaryen and Lannister Pint Glass Set to your collection is a great way to celebrate your passion for A Song of Ice and Fire, as well as its Game of Thrones television edition, as well as a great way to enjoy a refreshing beverage, too.

Key Features:

  • A Licensed Product Set from A Game of Thrones
  • Includes Two Fully Functional Pint Glasses
  • Both are Emblazoned with House Sigils and Words
  • Each Glass Holds Approximately 16 oz.
  • Highly Collectible and Very Appealing
  • Perfect for Fans of the Series and the Novels


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