Suede Pirate Costume Belt


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Awake, Matey! The Captain orders us on deck. A merchant ship enters our waters. A rich bounty is within our grasp. Quickly outfit yourself. The Suede Pirate Costume Belt will increase the intimidating flair of your character. Nothing declares a sea-faring villain like a belt with distressed features. A soul that is rough around the edges looks grand in an accessory that matches. No buccaneer should dress without a skull to serve as a badge of brotherhood. Foes will tremble at the ghastly emblem of your belt buckle. Enjoy the soft suede when wrapping this costume piece around your waist. This fiendish belt is a perfect companion on an adventurous quest for treasure.

Key Features:

  • Buccaneer themed costume belt
  • Features black waistband with skull belt buckle
  • Customize a secure fit with the velcro strap
  • Complements the style of the adventurous seafarer


  • Made from suede fabric


  • One size fit for most teen and adults


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