Stygian Scroll Coin Set

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The Hyborian land of Stygia was a theocracy ruled by sorcerers. That magic influence eventually became so central to their society that even their currency featured spells. With the Stygian Scroll Coin Set, you can trade metal for magic. These 20, square-shaped copper coins depict a blank Stygian spell scroll on one side, while the other displays the two-headed serpent insignia of the evil wizard Thulsa Doom positioned above Meriotic hieroglyphs. These coins have been hand-finished to appear as though they have been circulated throughout Stygia. The Stygian Scroll Coin Set is great for gaming or Conan the Barbarian cosplay, and they also make cool collectibles.

Key Features:

  • Depicts a scroll on one side and the snake of Thulsa Doom on the other
  • Hand-finished to look ancient and circulated
  • Comes as a set of 20
  • Officially licensed Conan the Barbarian product
  • Perfect for fans of the works of Robert E. Howard


  • Made from copper


  • Length: 0.79 Inches


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