Studded and Buckled Heel Boots

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At first glance, these Studded and Buckled Boots might appear destined solely for steampunk styles, but take a closer look and re-imagine them in a variety of other styles. You will find that they work quite well for pirate looks and noble styles, too. These boots are made entirely from polyurethane synthetic materials, although the look that this material offers gives them a pseudo-leather look that is quite appealing to the eye. The boots are close-toe, in a slight platform fashion that also features a 4 inch high heel. They are designed to be about knee height, and feature two buckles. One buckle is purely decorative and rests along the side of the shoe, near the heel, while the other buckle is attached to an adjustable strap at the cuff and is used to belt the cuff to the leg, ensuring a good fit when the boots are worn. The boots are offered in two different colors, those being black and brown. The bubble-styled buckles and the studded designs give these Studded And Buckled Heel Boots a steampunk-y design, but also a versatile look that you can easily use in a variety of other settings, too. So once you have them, you can enjoy them whenever you want, as both casual footwear and as costume boots!

Key Features:

  • A Pair of Versatile and Subtly Steampunk Boots
  • Made Entirely from Synthetic Polyurethane
  • A Close-Toed Boot with a 4 Inch Heel
  • Decorated with Studs and Dual Buckles
  • Designed to be High Quality Footwear
  • Perfect for Steampunk, pirate, Noble, and Fantasy Looks, as well as Casual Wearing


  • Standard US Womens Shoe size. Runs true to size, these are not available in Wide or Narrow, just Standard.


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