Sterling Silver Fairy Necklace with Crystal


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This pretty little pixie has a touch of abstract style to her look, which serves to make this Sterling Silver Fairy Necklace with Crystal an elegant accessory that any woman can wear either as a charming little formal pendant or a casual decoration. This fairy has a thin, willowy form that also happens to be somewhat abstract, in that it is partially without features. The pendant is seemingly designed to be smooth, with as few edges or corners as possible, lending it a unique level of beauty that you do not usually see in jewelry. The fairy wings extend clearly from her back, while her positioning makes this fairy look as though she is dancing. In one hand, she holds up a pretty little quartz crystal charm that acts as a brilliant decoration in this attractive pendant. And because the quartz is naturally formed, it will always have a fairly unique shape and form (please note that this means that the quartz crystal can vary slightly from what is shown here). The fairy is made from sterling silver and measures approximately 2.375 inches from wing tip to toe. The crystal measures between 1.0625 and 1.1875 inches long and generally has a thickness of about 0.25 inches. The necklace weighs approximately 14 grams, while the crystal weighs about 2.2 grams of the overall weight (please note that the weight can vary slightly based on crystal size). Included with the pendant is a 24 inch black leather cord that, when worn, puts all the focus right where it belongs, on the pendant. This Sterling Silver Fairy Necklace with Crystal has such a versatile look that it can work wonders with just about any style you can imagine. Pair it with a sleek and stunning dress to create a formal style with a touch of fantasy that will turn heads, or wear it casually with your tank top and jeans to show off your love of fantasy in your daily life.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Quality Sterling Silver
  • Features an Impressive Level of Detail
  • Necklace Depicts a Little Dancing Fairy
  • Decorated with a Natural Faceted Quartz Crystal
  • Includes a Black Leather Cord
  • Great for Casual Wearing or Costume Use
  • An Excellent Personal Accessory or Great Gift Idea


  • Length: 2.375 Inches
  • Cord Length: 24 Inches


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