Steinway Walking Cane


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Who would not want a touch of class for the discerning gentleman to add to his attire? This Steinway Walking Cane has an elegant look, as well as a fair measure of strength, making it both attractive and functional. This impressive cane recreates the classic fritz style handle. The handle has a smooth, ivory-hued finish and is capped with ornate silver-plated accents on both ends, while also featuring a double-ring silver collar where the handle meets the shaft. The shaft itself is made from fine, solid hardwood, while also featuring a darker hue that contrasts nicely the pale coloration of the handle. The cane measures approximately 36 inches long. This Steinway Walking Cane is the perfect accent for a gentleman to add to his attire, serving not only as an accent to his look but also as a sturdy walking stick that will serve him well in all events, whether its carried along to a ball, used to stroll the streets, or brought along on a wilderness hike.

Key Features:

  • Made from Fine, High Quality Materials
  • Features a Rich, Solid, and Sturdy Hardwood Shaft
  • Decorated with a Silver-Plated Fritz Handle
  • Provides Excellent Support
  • Great for Use on Walks or as an Accent Piece in Your Costume


  • Length: 36 Inches


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