Steampunk Wing Earrings

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These wings might not help you fly the skies, but they will make your Steampunk look soar into the stratosphere of success. The Steampunk Wing Earrings are a great pair of earrings that feature classic gears and feathered wings. These impressive accessories feature a classic, worn brass coloration that perfectly fits into the style of Steampunk. These earrings depict a series of elegant, delicate gears that are all bound together by individual links, making a small chain that dangles down from the ear and suspends a single wing that features impressively impressive feathered details. The earrings are made from a metal with a burnished brass appearance. Each earring is attached to a curved segment of ear wire, requiring that the wearers ears be pierced so that these can be properly worn. These Steampunk Wing Earrings are just the accessory for a free-spirited captain of a Steampunk vessel that sails the sky, or for any woman who happens to like the look of gears and wings, whether it fits her Steampunk look or she just has a love of esoteric yet attractive accessories.

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Key Features:

  • Attractive Steampunk Styled Earrings
  • Features a Burnished Brass Finish
  • Earrings Consist of Gears Attached to Wings
  • Requires Ears to be Pierced to be Worn
  • A Perfect Accessory for Any Steampunk Look
  • Can be Worn with Everyday Styles


  • Crafted from Fine Metal


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