Steampunk White Buckled Spats


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Just because spats were once protective wear does not mean that they are anymore. Take the Steampunk White Buckled Spats, which will no doubt add warmth to a look as well as sleek and seductive style to a womans Steampunk footwear. Of course, there is something of a debate as to what these spats a more functional or flirty, but as long as they contribute both style and use, then the answer really does not matter all that much, now does it? Spats are traditionally worn like boot or leg covers, and these white spats are no different. They are designed to be worn over the leg, from the ankle and instep of the shoe up to just above the knee. The spats are decorated with attractive, vintage mechanical gear wheels along the outside of the stocking, and they feature a functional brown belt along the top that is used to tighten the stockings around the leg. They are available in only one size, which fits most adults. Only the spats are included. The shoes and the skirt are not included. The Steampunk Buckled White Spats are a visually stunning piece that can make or break a wide assortment of Steampunk costumes. Of course, traditional stockings are all well and good, but nothing says real Steampunk like a pair of these Steampunk White Buckled Spats!

Key Features:

  • Impressive Thigh-High Spats
  • Worn Like stockings or Tall Boot Covers
  • Covers the Ankle and the Instep of the Shoe
  • Features Vintage Gear Decorations and a Working Brown Belt on Each Spat
  • A Great Accent to All Manner of Steampunk Styles
  • Looks Great with Other Contemporary and Historical Looks Too


  • Spats Made from 100 percent Cotton Fabric
  • Buckled Strap Made from High-Quality Leather Material
  • Gears Made from High-Quality Metal


  • One Size Fits Most


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