Steampunk Vicky Women’s Costume


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This Steampunk Vicky Womens Costume is a complete look that will take you from mundane to impressively styled in Steampunk fashion in only four garments. This costume is elegant and beautiful, making it perfect for a woman with adventure in mind. This costume includes four separate pieces. The jacket is decidedly Victorian in style, possessing cap puff shoulders with gathered sleeves and button accents, as well as a pleated, V-shaped neckline. The costume includes a ruffled white blouse that goes underneath the jacket, adding a splash of color visible through the jackets V-neck. A wide black corset belt fits trimly along the waistline, while the brown bustle hoop skirt matches the color of the jacket perfectly, while featuring its own impressive style, including a brown lace trim along the bustle layers and skirt hem. Please note that this costume only includes the jacket, the blouse, the belt, and the bustle hoop skirt. The choker, gloves, goggles, boots and stockings are not included, although they can be purchased separately. The costume comes in one standard size, which fits between a 34-38 inch bust, a 26-32 inch waist, and a 35-41 inch hip. Why bother putting together your own Steampunk costume when one so masterful is already available? This Steampunk Vicky Womens Costume is just the ticket for any woman to wear when she wants to look elegant, while still being up for any adventure that comes her way.

Key Features:

  • A Stylish and Complete Steampunk Costume
  • Includes Brown Jacket, White Blouse, Black Belt, and Brown Bustle Hoop Skirt
  • Decorate to Your Liking with a Variety of Accessories
  • A Quality Costume
  • An Attractive and Adventurous Look for Steampunk Women
  • Great for Steampunk Journeys, Gatherings, Costume Parties, Halloween, and More


  • Jacket, Top, and Skirt Made from White Polyester Fabric
  • Belt Made from Faux Leather Material
  • Other materials are unavailable at this time.


  • Standard: Fits a 34-38 Inch Bust, a 26-32 Inch Waist, and a 35-41 Inch Hip


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