Steampunk Vacuum Tube Necklace

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Enter into the Neo-Victorian Era in full character by accessorizing with the proper jewelry. The Steampunk Vacuum Tube Necklace adds that extra touch necessary to take on the intriguing role of an eccentric Victorian adventurer. This stylized accessory features a vacuum diode as its centerpiece. Brass fittings and a miniature power generator are just a few of the fascinating details found in this steampunk necklace. The liquid-filled tube changes colors from green to blue via LED. Skeleton keys and gear charms decorate the brass-colored chain that holds the pendant. A clasp with a cogwheel-accented backdrop secures the chain around the neck.

Key Features:

  • Made from metal alloy
  • Features a vacuum tube pendant with color changing LED
  • Accented with cogwheel and skeleton key charms
  • Secured via a brass-colored chain with clasp
  • Stylish costume jewelry for the Neo-Victorian


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