Steampunk Trinket Box


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There is something odd about the small, gear covered, metal box. Perhaps the crystal at the center is some sort of projector. Maybe the gears are a sort of locking system. The Steampunk Trinket Box is complicated and mysterious. The lid and sides of this intricate steampunk box depict a multitude of copper and iron gears, tubing, and gauges. At the center of the lid is a small crystalline stone set in a ring of metal that is attached to wires. This decorative trinket box is made of a cold cast resin and is painstakingly hand painted for an incredible level of detail. This intricate box is great for storing small items, loose change, and small jewelry. The perfect addition to any collection or steampunk home decor, this beautiful trinket box is a wonderful gift idea for any loved one who might be a collector or enthusiast of the steampunk style!

Key Features:

  • Decorated with metal gears in the steampunk style
  • Hand painted for an incredible level of detail
  • Features synthetic crystal inset
  • Great for storing small items, change, and small jewelry
  • A wonderful piece of steampunk decor
  • Makes a great gift for steampunk lovers


  • Made of a cold cast resin
  • Crystal inset made of glass


  • Overall Diameter: 4 Inches
  • Overall Height: 2.75 Inches


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