Steampunk Timetaker Costume


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There are grim reapers in any world, even steampunk realms. Become a fearsome member of the dead with the Steampunk Timetaker Costume. Made from latex, this costume includes a mask, cuirass, bracers, skirt, pauldrons, and a staff. To begin with, the cuirass looks like a pair of silver-colored ribs with copper tendons between then. Near the stomach area are multiple gear details. Below the gears is another copper-colored section that looks like a belt. The black skirt is full length. Next, the copper-colored bracers each feature three faux strap details.

On each shoulder, there is a large copper-colored pauldron. Each pauldron has a faux clock detail as well two spider leg-like spikes. The silver-colored spikes angle outwards to the sides. The mask has a skull face with a copper-colored top hat. Faux goggles and clock adorn the hat. Finally, the staff looks like a fantasy scythe. The scythes haft has a wrapped look. Wear the Steampunk Timetaker Costume for your next Halloween party, steampunk costume contest, or stage production.

Key Features:

  • Includes a mask, cuirass, bracers, skirt, pauldrons, and a staff
  • Features a skeletal style
  • Has clocks and gears detailing
  • Great for Halloween parties
  • Wonderful for costumed events


  • Made from latex


  • One size fits most.
  • Scythe Length: 71.7 Inches


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