Steampunk Striped Underbust Corset

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Creating an hourglass silhouette for your figure can be as simple as adding an attractive corset like this one. The Steampunk Striped Underbust Corset uses its natural shape and vertical lines to make you look shapely. This brown underbust peaks slightly in the middle with gear decorations marking the top and the bottom. Straps cross the front, alternating from left to right as they descend. A chain crosses the front to allow its pocketwatch to tuck into a small pocket on the side. This corset laces at the back for size adjustment and zips at the side for easy dressing. Make this item a regular piece of your wardrobe for that great steampunk look and feel!

Key Features:

  • Striped underbust corset peaks slightly in the center with gear design at top and bottom
  • Features a chain that crosses the front with a pocketwatch that fits into side pocket
  • Front displays straps that alternate from either side
  • Corset zips at the side and laces at the back
  • Makes a fun addition to steampunk ensembles


  • Medium: 26.8 Inch chest, 24.4 Inch waist, 10.2 Inch length
  • Large: 28.3 Inch chest, 26 Inch waist, 10.2 Inch length
  • X-Large: 30 Inch chest, 27.6 Inch waist, 10.6 Inch length


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