Steampunk Skull


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The Steampunk Skull is likely to be the most technologically advanced skull you will see for quite some time. Laden with gears, sprockets, and doohickeys, this skull is a prime example of the esoteric yet always intriguing style that is Steampunk. You almost could not ask for something more wild and outlandish then this skull. This amazing item is made from cold-cast resin, and it has also been hand painted, ensuring that each and every detail was given due attention. This little statues base was originally that of a simple, jawless skull, but several pieces of technology have been installed to give it a more technology infused look and appearance. Screws are secured into place all around the skulls surface, causing cracks where ever they are placed. The skull now has gears for eyes, and strange bolt mechanisms have been placed on either side of the skull. The forehead even features an open porthole, where one can peer into the skull and marvel at the gears that now lay within. The skull measures 5.5 inches long and 5 inches wide and it stands 4.5 inches tall. If it is a Steampunk Skull you want, then it is a Steampunk Skull you get, and this one certainly features all the themes and all the retro-techno-style that defines Steampunk so clearly.

Key Features:

  • Made from Hand Painted Cold Cast Resin
  • A Techno-Fused Steampunk Skull Design
  • Eerie yet Detailed Appearance
  • Great Decor or Gift Item


  • Length: 5.5 Inches
  • Width: 5 Inches
  • Height: 4.5 Inches


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