Steampunk Single Eye LED Light Goggles

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Due to the growth of industry during the Victorian period, protective and fashionable goggles have come to be a standard part of the steampunk uniform. The Steampunk Single Eye LED Light Goggles offer a charming accessory option. These steampunk goggles, which come in brown or black versions, cover a single eye with an ornate detailing and a ridged front piece that opens. Three different colors of polarized lenses can fit into the frame of this steampunk accessory, while a color-changing LED light sits at the outer edge of the eye covering. A strap that fastens at the back of the head helps to hold the fashion goggles in place so you can go about your business in comfort and incredible style!

Key Features:

  • Made from brass, leather, and faux leather
  • Available in black or brown
  • Strap buckles at the back
  • Features 3 colors of polarized lenses and a color-changing LED light
  • Makes a great accessory for steampunk outfits


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