Steampunk Ruffled Bustle Skirt

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If you are looking for the perfect accompaniment for a steampunk top, this long skirt makes the perfect choice. The Steampunk Ruffled Bustle Skirt combines vintage features with modern functionality in this stylish piece. Buckles run up one side of the skirt, so you can do or undo as many of them as you need for your ease of movement or your taste. The back of the skirt features a striped and ruffled bustle. The bottom hem of the skirt shows off additional ruffles. Whether you are dressing as a neo-Victorian lady or a commanding mistress of an airship, this steampunk skirt will suit your needs!

Key Features:

  • Available in brown and green
  • Skirt buckles along the side to expose desired amount of leg
  • Features striped bustle at the back and white ruffles along the bottom of the skirt
  • Makes a fun addition to steampunk ensembles


  • Small: 28.3 Inch waist, 43.3 Inch length
  • Medium: 30 Inch waist, 43.3 Inch length
  • Large: 31.5 Inch waist, 43.3 Inch length
  • X-Large: 33 Inch waist, 43.3 Inch length
  • Measurements are approximate


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