Steampunk Revolver


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For a touch of danger and protection, why not add a Steampunk Revolver to your costume? After all, one can never be too cautious. This intriguing Steampunk pistol is a great little prop that creates the appearance of a steam-powered pistol. And never before has steam looked so threatening and dangerous! Designed with Steampunk mechanics in mind, this clever pistol prop features a worn, pearly-white handle that features a gauge set right at its center. The grip transitions into a black, gray-metal body which holds what looks like a polished brass chamber of some kind, no doubt intended to convert steam into energy for the shot. Mounted on top of the chamber is a smaller, black barrel, and mounded underneath is a blue canister. The brass chamber transitions into a ridged black structure, which then reveals a translucent piece that narrows to a point. This clever Steampunk prop is made from plastic and measures approximately 6 inches long. The Steampunk Revolver can easily be concealed in a handbag or a garter, or it can be set in a holster or tucked into a bullet belt for those sticky situations that call for quick access to some kind of weapon.

Key Features:

  • Completely Decorative
  • A Futuristic Steampunk Pistol
  • Fits Easily Into Holsters and Belts
  • A Great Steampunk Weapon Prop
  • Stylized Firearm for Counterculture Affairs
  • Great Accessory to Include in All your Steampunk Ensembles


  • Crafted from High-Quality Plastic


  • Length: 6 Inches


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