Steampunk Polarized Lens Goggles

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With the proliferation of steam-powered technology in the steampunk genre, the appearance of fashion accessories that draw upon ship and pilot designs makes sense. The Steampunk Polarized Lens Goggles offer one fun possibility. The goggles include three colored lenses and a printed lens to use on one side, while the other half shows off circular cutouts. Atop one side, a color-changing LED light sits, making these goggles a fantastic addition to cosplay. The strap wraps around the back of your head and buckles to allow for size adjustments. When you are assembling your next steampunk ensemble, be sure to give these goggles a chance! These goggles come in brown and black designs, so you can be sure to match your other pieces.

Key Features:

  • Available in black or brown
  • Comes with three colored lenses and 1 printed lens
  • Crafted from brass, leather, and faux leather
  • Features a color-changing LED light
  • One side of goggles holds a lens and the other displays circular cutouts
  • Makes a fun accessory for steampunk ensembles


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