Steampunk Multi-Band Bracelet

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There is an old phrase that states simply that less is more. Well, in Steampunk style, this is rarely true. One look at this Steampunk Multi-Band Bracelet will tell you that when done right, more is always far more impressive and far better than less. As its name suggests, this bracelet consists of multiple bands that feature a variety of mechanical gears and cog wheel charms. The different layers of bands include strands of black and white beads, as well as twisted sections of wire and gold-toned toggles weaved around a strap. Simultaneously delicate and complex, this beautiful bracelet is a perfect way to weave a bit of Steam powered style into your own preferred style of clothing. Wear this Steampunk Multi-Band Bracelet with matching Steampunk styles for that complimentary look, or you can wear it with your everyday ensemble to infuse even your casual looks with Steampunk style.

Key Features:

  • An Impressive Array of Steampunk Bracelets
  • Features Several Styles of Bands
  • Decorated with Steampunk Gears and Cog Wheel Charms
  • Also Includes Black and White Strands of Beads
  • Fantastic for Victorian, Steampunk and Gothic Costumes and Looks


  • Faux Pearl Beads Crafted from High-Quality Plastic
  • Charms and Chains Crafted from Fine Metal


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