Steampunk Monocle


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Designed with the mechanical look of Steampunk technology in mind, the Steampunk Monocle is a new twist on the classic monocle. With its neo-Victorian style, this monocle will have you looking at the world differently once you look through its lens. Like the classic monocles of the 19th century, this monocle is a simple, singular lens that is designed to be worn over one eye. Unlike those classic models, this one has a Steampunk flair that gives it a completely new style and look. This monocle features a thin wire frame that holds a clear lens in place, while a gear-shaped lens cover sits over the lens, acting not only as protection but also as a stylish decoration. The gear lens protector has a polished gold color, making it stand out even when worn over the eye. Attached to the monocle is a length of brown rope cord that can be looped around a button or secured around the neck to prevent the monocle from being dropped or lost. This monocle can be comfortably worn over one eye (either the left or the right) and is made predominantly from plastic. If you gentlemen are looking for just the right accessory to include in your elegant and sophisticated Steampunk look, then there is no better accessory that all but declares gentility and class like the Steampunk Monocle.

Key Features:

  • A ‘Modernized’ Steampunk Style Monocle
  • Made Predominantly from Plastic
  • Features a Clear Lens with Gear Protector
  • Includes Brown Rope Cord
  • Looks Great With All Manner of Steampunk Styles
  • Adds a Sense of Fashion to Any Look


  • Made from 100 percent Polyester Fabric


  • One Size Fits Most Adults and Older Teens


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