Steampunk Mechanical Sphere Trinket Box


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Steampunk is a style that revolves around the unexpected. This Steampunk Mechanical Sphere Trinket Box is not only a unique place to store your small items, but also a great way to showcase your interest in fantastical steampunk style. Made from hand-painted resin, this orb-shaped container twists open in the middle to reveal its hidden storage space. The rusted brown surface of the sphere is dotted with silver studs and bronze gears. Orange, red, and white pipes weave in and out of the box, and a bronze and black gear knob sits on the top. If you are looking for a gift for your favorite steampunk aficionado, or if you are looking to expand your own set of neo-Victorian collectibles, then look no further than this Steampunk Mechanical Sphere Trinket Box.

Key Features:

  • Painted by hand for extra detail
  • Shaped like a sphere with pipes, gears, and studs
  • Rusted brown color is authentically steampunk
  • Ideal for storing small items
  • Great for personal use or for gifting


  • Made from cold cast resin


  • Height: 4.75 Inches
  • Width: 5.5 Inches
  • Depth: 4.88 Inches


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