Steampunk Key Hole Ring


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If gears, cogs, and bolts can be Steampunk jewelry, why not other objects? The Steampunk Key Hole Ring takes a key hole and applies a bit of vintage styling to create an eye-catching Steampunk accessory without equal. This rings appearance lends it the look of hammered copper, as the surface is covered with ridges and indentions that make it look like it has been shaped by several impacts, rather than struck from a simple mold. The ring features a classic key hole at its center, flanked by two small circular indentions where screws would normally be used to secure the key hole to a door and its locking mechanism. The ring features all-metal construction and is available in one size, which fits most adults. Pair this elegant ring with any other lock or key styled pieces to create a theme for your look, or wear the Steampunk Key Hole Ring, either on your finger or as added decoration on a necklace or goggle band, to add further accents that will elevate your Steampunk look from good to great.

Key Features:

  • Attractive Steampunk Styled Ring
  • Features an Antique Copper Appearance
  • All-Metal Construction Has a Hammered, Shaped Look
  • Looks Great with Other Lock and Key Decorations
  • A Perfect Accessory for Any Steampunk Look


  • Crafted from a lead-free metal alloy


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