Steampunk Key-Gear Necklace

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In the wild world of Steampunk, the devil is in the details. And this intriguing little accent is not short on those! The Steampunk Key-Gear Necklace combines the old Victorian key with the tech of a steampunk world to make a really great accessory. This key is partially mechanized, featuring a great gear as its heads, which is further filled with more gears, creating a clockwork contraption that looks quite like it could have a distinctive place around a steampunk inventors neck, as a new way to open the most ingenious of locks. Smaller gears run along the keys shaft, while the bit is classic in its shape, featuring a square head and blocked teeth, as well as a small double-gear design on its side, ensuring that every inch of this key is touched with true steampunk design and detail. And with its faded yellow brass finish and included chain for wearing, this Steampunk Key-Gear Necklace is an accessory that any can enjoy, especially when you consider that such a stunning piece of genuine steampunk tech can be yours to own and enjoy for such a low, low price.

Key Features:

  • An Appealing Steampunk Styled Necklace
  • Features a Pale Metallic Brass Finish
  • An Old Victorian Key Studded with Clockwork Gears
  • A Fusion of Old World Style and Steam World Tech
  • A Perfect Accent for Any Steampunk Costume or Look


  • Crafted from a lead-free metal alloy


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