Steampunk Gear Jabot

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A jabot was traditionally a frilly neck accessory worn throughout the Victorian era. This Steampunk Gear Jabot is a new take on this classic accessory, merging old Victorian style with industrial Steampunk cunning to create something new and exciting. Like the jabot of old, this accessory is a delicate accessory that is designed to be worn about the neck. This jabot features a black fabric collar that is similar in look and feel to satin. Attached to the collar is a double layered bib that is trimmed in frilly ivory lace and ruffles. Attached to the top bib is a bronze toned pair of cogwheels, linked by a simple segment of chain. When you are looking to accent your own Steampunk era garment, forget about historical cravats or neck ties, which lack the right sort of oomph needed to really stand alongside a good Steampunk garment. Instead, turn to this Steampunk Gear Jabot, which is bound to draw the eye as a fantastic centerpiece on dozens of great looking Steampunk inspired outfits.

Key Features:

  • Fits Securely About the Neck
  • Features a Double Bib Design
  • Decorated with Frilly Ivory Lace and Ruffles
  • Adorned with Bronze Toned Cogwheel Decorations
  • Fantastic for Victorian, Steampunk and Gothic Costumes and Looks


  • Made from 100 percent Satin Fabric
  • Trimmed with Lace
  • Accented with Fine Metal Gears


  • One Size Fits Most Adults and Older Teens


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