Steampunk Gear Goggles

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Keep the wind out of your eyes as you sail through the open air upon a majestic, steam-powered airship! The Steampunk Gear Goggles feature a pair of colored and gear-patterned polarized lenses that you can swap in and out. Screws appear around the edges of each eyepiece, continuing the impression of gears. Leather covers the inside of each eyepiece, ensuring a comfortable fit. The strap of these goggles wraps around the back of your head with a buckle that can be adjusted. These brown goggles make a great addition to any steampunk cosplay with their great details!

Key Features:

  • Comes with a pair of colored and patterned lenses
  • Crafted from brass, leather, and faux leather
  • Features an extended hood over one eye and leather rims for a comfortable fit
  • Makes a fun accessory for steampunk ensembles


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