Steampunk Exposed Thigh Striped Pants



The genre of steampunk embraces a variety of styles within its aesthetic, including retro-futuristic elements from its science fiction roots. The Steampunk Exposed Thigh Striped Pants offer unique trousers to complement your outfit. These long black pants display three wide cuts placed horizontally across the thigh of each leg as their most notable characteristic. The lower half of the leg features several vertical, muted green stripes. A horizontal band crosses these stripes near the knee, studded with various bolt and screw ornaments. Whether you are looking for pants that will suit your steampunk style or simply want to stand out in a crowd, you can appreciate the exceptional design of these trousers!

Key Features:

  • Three horizontal slits run across thighs
  • Features nut and bolt studs and muted green stripes
  • Crafted from 100 percent cotton
  • Black trousers flare slightly from the knee
  • Makes a fun addition to steampunk ensembles


  • Small: 26.4 Inch waist, 32.7 Inch hip, 41 Inch length
  • Medium: 28 Inch waist, 34.3 Inch hip, 41 Inch length
  • Large: 29.5 Inch waist, 35.8 Inch hip, 41.3 Inch length
  • X-Large: 31.5 Inch waist, 37.4 Inch hip, 41.3 Inch length
  • XX-Large: 33 Inch waist, 39 Inch hip, 41.7 Inch length
  • Measurements are approximate


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