Steampunk Engineer Skirt



Just because you are an inventive go-getter does not mean that you have to give up on style! With your quick wit and the Steampunk Engineer Skirt, you will look and feel as sharp and ready for a challenge as any of your tools! This innovative skirt hosts a mix of comfortable fabrics, from a black cotton netting overlay to the rich cotton velvet main build. These fabrics paired with the netted under layer provide a mixed texture look that a forward thinker will love! Faux leather straps raise the over layer in a soft ruched effect, expertly creating a scalloped hem. A hidden side zipper with a hook-and-eye closure makes wearing this multi-layered skirt a breeze while an elastic waistband ensures a comfortable fit suited to your silhouette. The hem of the main skirt sits in the middle of the thigh while the netting reaches the knee, long enough to protect your leg from runaway gizmos but short enough to not be in the way! No matter your chosen course, the Steampunk Engineer Skirt is sure to take you on a whole new adventure with a look that will inspire others!

Please be aware that the corset, hat, and toy weapon are not included.

Key Features:

  • Neo-Victorian take on the classic saloon skirt
  • Skirt straps provide scalloped detail
  • Comfortable fit with an elastic waistline
  • Includes hidden side zipper with hook-and-eye closure
  • Ideal for adding Steampunk flair to every occasion


  • Made of 100 percent cotton velvet and netting
  • Waistband is elastic
  • Straps are faux leather

Waist Hips Length (long side) Length (short side)
Small/Medium NA 34-40 inches NA NA
Large/X-Large 40-46 inches


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