Steampunk Choker Neck Blouse

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With its clever blend of modern and Victorian design, the Steampunk Choker Neck Blouse is a stylish discovery. Whether the Neo-Victorian lady is planning a grand debut or seeking a new look, this top is a fine choice in apparel. Floral lace forms the upper shoulders of the bell sleeves and lines the choker-style collar. Ruffled trim follows the hemlines and embellishes the sides of the top. Cogwheel ornaments decorate the center of the attached choker. Brown lacing crisscrosses across the lower back, assisting in style and fit. Gear shaped buttons run down the front. Create an unforgettable outfit of your own design by including the Steampunk Choker Neck Blouse.

Key Features:

  • Made from a cotton-polyester-spandex blend
  • Features a choker collar with cogwheel accents
  • Adjustable fit via lace up in the back
  • Stylish apparel for Neo-Victorian dress


  • Small: Chest – 33.8 Inches, Waist – 27.9 Inches, Sweep – 33.8 Inches, Length – 22 Inches
  • Medium: Chest – 35.4 Inches, Waist – 29.5 Inches, Sweep – 35.4 Inches, Length – 22.4 Inches
  • Large: Chest – 37 Inches, Waist – 31.1 Inches, Sweep – 37 Inches, Length – 22.8 Inches
  • XLarge: Chest – 38.5 Inches, Waist – 32.6 Inches, Sweep – 38.5 Inches, Length – 23.2 Inches
  • XXLarge: Chest – 40.1 Inches, Waist – 34.2 Inches, Sweep – 40.1 Inches, Length – 23.6 Inches
  • Measurements are approximate


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