Steampunk Butterfly Gear Necklace


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Despite being nearly polar opposites, nature and machine frequently find themselves meshed together, usually resulting in strange yet visually stunning combinations. The Steampunk Butterfly Gear Necklace is one such amazing combination. This necklace suspends an antiqued metal medallion of clockwork gears that, on its own, would inherently fit right into a Neo-Victorian setting. A trio of gears and cogs hangs from just beneath the clockwork medallion, another ode to the Steampunk style that this necklace offers. The final touch is the singular butterfly that rests just on the edge of the medallion. From far away it is somewhat difficult to make out but at closer ranges, the butterfly becomes more obvious. Sitting as it is on the clockwork medallion, it has a curious sort of 3-D effect, to such an extent that if you watch it for a few seconds, you cannot help but wonder if it will begin to flap its wings slowly. It is the intricate level of detail that makes the Steampunk Butterfly Gear Necklace the elegant and incredibly accessory that it is.

Key Features:

  • Ornate butterfly pendant inspired by the Steampunk genre
  • Decorated with scrollwork, gears, and cogwheels
  • Includes a matching chain with toggle clasp
  • Stylish accessory for a fashion-savvy Neo-Victorian


  • Crafted from zinc alloy


  • Chain Length: Approximately 20 Inches


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