Steampunk Buckle Strap Corset

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Steampunk apparel often embraces the idea of layering, so many outfits can be created from mixing different items together. The Steampunk Buckle Strap Corset can be worn on its own or along with another blouse. A busk runs down the front of this corset, enabling it to be put on or taken off with ease, while the back laces to allow an adjustable fit. The front of the corset displays a mottled cream and brown section. Solid brown sections fall on either side, the division in material marked by golden trim that continues to form the pairs of buckled straps at the side and over one shoulder. Gear ornaments decorate the opposite shoulder and one side of the waist. This corset can be worn with a number of other colors and neutrals, making it a versatile piece to add to your wardrobe!

Key Features:

  • Corset displays solid brown and mottled sections with golden accents
  • A busk runs down the front
  • Features pairs of buckled straps over one shoulder and side, as well as gear ornaments
  • Overbust corset laces at the back
  • Makes a fun addition to steampunk ensembles


  • Small: 31.5 Inch chest, 24.4 Inch waist, 13.4 Inch length
  • Medium: 33 Inch chest, 26 Inch waist, 13.4 Inch length
  • Large: 34.6 Inch chest, 27.6 Inch waist, 13.8 Inch length
  • X-Large: 36.2 Inch chest, 29.1 Inch waist, 13.8 Inch length
  • XX-Large: 37.8 Inch chest, 30.7 Inch waist, 14.2 Inch length
  • Measurements are approximate


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