Steampunk Buckle Sides Underbust Corset

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When it comes to steampunk style, you can never have too much detail. The Steampunk Buckle Sides Underbust Corset features a plethora of fun design elements and embellishments quite suitable for any Neo Victorian inspired ensemble. This waist reducing corset features alternating panels of brown faux leather and striped brocade, embellished with decorative rivets and lined with comfortable cotton fabric. Decorative leather buckle straps add interest to either side. Its back can be fully laced through its many grommets, and the front is fastened with metallic, bronze tone metal clasps. Its inner spiral steel boning is essential in achieving an hourglass figure, lending this corset both flexibility and shape. Pair this corset with a blouse and a skirt, and you will be ready to head off on your next steam powered adventure.

Key Features:

  • Waist reducing underbust style corset
  • Leather and striped brocade outer pattern
  • Comfortable inner cotton lining
  • Bronze tone front metal clasps
  • Buckle details along sides
  • Full lace up back


  • Made of faux brown leather and brocade fabric
  • Inner lining made of cotton
  • Front clasps made of metal
  • Spiral steel boning


  • Front Length: 11 Inches
  • Side Length: 9.5 Inches
  • Back Length: 11.5 Inches


  • Size 22: Fits 26-27 Inch Waist, 32-33 Inch Bust, and 34-35 Inch Hip
  • Size 24: Fits 28-29 Inch Waist, 34-35 Inch Bust, and 36-37 Inch Hip
  • Size 26: Fits 30-31 Inch Waist, 36-37 Inch Bust, and 38-39 Inch Hip
  • Size 28: Fits 32-33 Inch Waist, 38-39 Inch Bust, and 40-41 Inch Hip
  • Size 30: Fits 34-35 Inch Waist, 40-41 Inch Bust, and 42-43 Inch Hip
  • Size 32: Fits 36-37 Inch Waist, 42-43 Inch Bust, and 44-45 Inch Hip
  • Size 34: Fits 38-39 Inch Waist, 44-45 Inch Bust, and 46-47 Inch Hip
  • Size 36: Fits 40-41 Inch Waist, 46-47 Inch Bust, and 48-49 Inch Hip
  • Size 38: Fits 42-43 Inch Waist, 48-49 Inch Bust, and 50-51 Inch Hip


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