Steampunk Biohazard Goggles


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It looks like even a Steampunk setting is not without biological hazards. These Steampunk Biohazard Goggles are the best form of protection that any Steampunk citizen could ask for when it comes to goggles that shield their eyes. These impressive goggles consist of black plastic frames that feature pale gray lenses adorned with vibrantly colored blue biohazard symbols. The sides of the goggles feature small vents, which are perfect for letting heat out on a hot day. The goggles also feature a black elastic headband, which ensures that the goggles are quite adjustable. Padded foam on the inside of the goggles ensures a comfortable fit. When you are roaming the wastes of a Steampunk setting, you need to know that your eyes are protected not just from wind, rain, and light, but also from hazardous materials. And with these Steampunk Biohazard Goggles, you will have just the protection you need.

Key Features:

  • Attractive and Stylish Steampunk Goggles
  • Features Heat Vents Cut Into the Goggles Sides
  • Blue Biohazard Symbols Accent the Gray Lenses
  • Black Elastic Strap Ensures Adjustability and Comfort
  • Looks Great with a Variety of Steampunk Ensembles


  • Made of high-quality plastic with elastic details


  • Length: 5.5 Inches
  • Width: 1.4 Inches
  • Weight: 2.2 Ounces

Measurements are approximate.


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