Spontoon Tomahawk Pipe


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The tomahawk was as much a personal accessory as it was a ceremonial tool and a weapon, and thus, their designs could vary greatly. This Spontoon Tomahawk Pipe has the look of being an impressive weapon as well as a ceremonial smoking pipe. This tomahawk is a collectors grade tomahawk, and although it is not an actual Native American-made product, it is modeled after typical designs, giving it its distinctive look. The tomahawk has a hardwood haft with a beautiful wood grain, elaborate cross-hatched designs, and metal inlays. The axe head is hand forged from high carbon steel and has a pointed, piercing design with a heart-shaped cut-out decorated with indented dot designs. On the reverse of the axe head is a pipe bowl, which connects to the pipe mouthpiece on the end of the tomahawk. It may not be authentic Native American memorabilia, but that does not change that this Spontoon Tomahawk Pipe is still a great looking weapon and decoration to show off as a part of your historic collection of arms.

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Key Features:

  • Features a decorative axe head and pipe bowl
  • Hardwood handle has impressive metal inlays
  • Axe haft features a steel pipe mouthpiece on the end
  • A fully functional tomahawk pipe


  • Axe head is hand forged from high carbon steel
  • Handle is made of hardwood with metal inlays
  • Mouthpiece made of steel


  • Overall Length: 22 Inches
  • Axe Head Width: 12 Inches


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