Spiral Bead Corded Viking Bracelet


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Warriors also choose to accessorize their ensembles. They look great with jewelry pieces like the Spiral Bead Corded Viking Bracelet. Made from recycled jute and leather cord, this bracelet secures with a toggle design onto the wearers wrist. It has a multi-section design. Plated brass beads separate each section. Each bead has a spiral design engraved into it. Next, each section features a jute cord or leather cord wrapping around the other cord. The sections alternate. For example, one section may have a leather center while jute cord wraps around the leather, making the section mostly natural in color. The sections next to it will be brown in color as the leather cord would then wrap around the jute. This bracelet is wonderful for those who prefer a rustic flair with their accessories. The Spiral Bead Corded Viking Bracelet works well with a variety of outfits, including modern ones.

Key Features:

  • Features a multi-section design
  • Secures with a toggle
  • Comes in a single size
  • Great personal accessory
  • Looks great on Vikings and barbarian characters


  • Made from upcycled leather and jute cord
  • Beads are plated brass


  • One size fits most
  • Weight: 1.8 Ounces

Measurements are approximate.


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