Speckled Orc Deluxe Mask

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Orcs are as diverse as any fantasy race. Some are green, some are red. Some are civilized, some are wild. This Speckled Orc Deluxe Mask depicts one such orc with a spotted complexion that looks to be from a race of wild warriors. Perhaps it is the spots that lend this mask such a wild look, like that of a leopard or a jaguar. The mask features otherwise human features, save for a scrunched nose, pointed ears, and a mouth willed with fangs. Atop the masks head sits a bronze-brown helmet with horns and a black hair plume on the back. The mask is made entirely from quality latex materials. The Speckled Orc Deluxe Mask is definitely a different take on the orcish look, one that will certainly impress others when they catch a glimpse of it.

Key Features:

  • A different twist on the typical orcish look
  • Depicts a spotted orc with pointed teeth in a warriors helm
  • Mask sports pointed hears, horns on the helm, and black hair
  • Covers most of the head when worn
  • A great costume mask for Halloween, costume events, and more


  • Made from latex


  • One Size Fits Most


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