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As some of the foremost warriors of the ancient world, Spartan warriors wore items that were less elegant and more practical and comfortable. The Spartan Sandals reflect that mentality, possessing a simple look that hides rugged functionality. These simple sandals are designed to resemble the footwear of Ancient Greece, particularly the sandals that the Spartan warriors would have favored. They are made from synthetic leather and feature a solid back with a zipper closure. A shin guard covers the front of the leg and the sandals are fastened up the side of the leg using adjustable bands and simple brass buckles. Thanks to their authentic look and feel, the Spartan Sandals make a great addition to Greek or Roman clothing, especially to any costumes depicting great warriors.

Key Features:

  • Classically Styled Sandals
  • Looks Great with Greek or Roman Clothing
  • Simple, yet Ruggedly Functional Design
  • Adjustable straps for a custom fit
  • Back zipper for ease in wearing


  • Made from synthetic leather
  • Brass buckles and hardware
  • Synthetic sole

Shaft Height Heel Height Calf Circumference Ankle Circumference
Small (Size 8-9)
Medium (Size 10-11)
Large (Size 12-13)
X-Large (Size 14)


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