Spartan Commander Statue


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Spartans were perhaps the most fearsome warriors in European history, training their children from a young age to kill. The noble formidability of one such historical powerhouse has been artfully captured in the Spartan Commander Statue. This bronze figurine depicts a bearded Greek warrior standing gallantly in a crested helm, his straight sword held at the ready. His round shield depicts the frightening face of Medusa, and his red cape billows in the wind. The Spartan Warrior Statue looks great on a shelf or pedestal, making a museum-worthy piece of home decor that is sure to be cherished by any avid lover of Greek history.

Key Features:

  • Crafted in regal, lifelike detail
  • Features a polished bronze finish
  • Hand-painted with colorful accents
  • Looks fantastic on a shelf or pedestal


  • Made from cold cast bronze


  • Height: 13.5 Inches
  • Base Length: 5.8 Inches
  • Base Width: 4 Inches


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