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Not all medieval maidens were helpless princesses or ruling queens. Some were mystics and sorceresses of the highest caliber. The Sorceress Hooded Dress Robe has a rich design and loads of appeal, as well as a touch of magical style. Of course, you do not actually have to be a sorceress or a magic user of any kind to wear this dress, although its ornate and intricate designs do lend it a somewhat mystical appearance that is hard to deny. This dress features a subtle V-shaped neckline that is accented with a gold-trimmed patterned border. The dress seemingly looks as if it is two pieces, an outer layer and an underdress, when in fact it is one piece. The outer layer is richly embroidered with stunning detail and lined with gold trimmed and patterned borders, just like what is found accenting the neckline. The full length sleeves feature similar circular trim about the elbows, as well as flared bell sleeves at the wrist. The center of the bodice features a laced tie closure. Attached at neck and collar of the dress is a matched hood, which helps to complete the almost mystic and mysterious appeal of this dress. It is made entirely from jacquard viscose fabric, which ensures not only the rich detail and patterning, but also a lightness and softness that makes this dress deceptively comfortable to wear. It is offered in three color combinations, as well as in two different sizes. For the noble lady who really wants to make an appearance, we could recommend nothing better than this Sorceress Hooded Dress Robe. And for the lady magician, it serves well to accent her beauty and her magical appeal, all in one garment.

Key Features:

  • A Dress Made from Fine Jacquard Viscose Fabric
  • Adorned with Rich Embroidery and Patterning
  • Features a Full Hood, Laced Front, and Bell Sleeves
  • Extremely Comfortable to Wear
  • Great for Renaissance Fairs, Medieval Events, and Costumes of Various Sorts

Dress Size Bust Waist Shoulder Width Overall Length Sleeve Length Hood Height Hood Depth
Small/Medium 8-10
Large/X-Large 12-14 NA NA NA NA NA NA NA


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